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Ski Touring in Alpbach

The House Schönblick is the perfect starting point for your ski tour.

From easy to challenging routes, every guest will find his/her optimal tour within the region Alpbach Valley.

A short overview

An easy tour - on the Schatzberg mountain

Walking time: 2 hrs - approx 600 metres in altitude
Highest point: 1875 m
Starting point: Alpbach

From your starting point turn right and follow the trail (signposts towards Schatzberg). Straight ahead at the 2nd turn towards the Thaleralm.
Above the alm, go on until you reach the woods, go further up until you reach the Zottaalm. Above the alm, follow the flat trail until the Krinnjoch;
After the joch, go on onto the ski trail of the Schatzberg cable car - up to the mountain hut; here, you walk across the mountain back, past the station of the connection cable car Alpbach/Wildschönau, onto the mountain peak.

MediumTour - Wiedersberghorn via Greiter Graben

Walking time: approx. 3 hrs - 100 metres in altitude
Highest point: 2025 m
Starting point: Alpbach/Inneralpbach

At the Galtenberg lift station go into the valley via ski route #66; on the meadow you will reach two wooden houses at a ditch (approx. 2 km), after these buildings go a little bit further, turn right at the forest road (or take a few short-cuts) and ascent to the Moserbaumgarten alpine hut.
After the alpine hut, turn slightly right and ascent past the woods to a hut; after that ascent straight up, turn left at the mountain back and go along the slope (ski trail). Follow this trail until you reach the mountain station "Hornbahn 2000".

Challenging tour - Luegergraben-Galtenbergsattel

Walking time: approx. 3 hrs - 900 metres in altitude
Highest point: 2059 m
Starting point: Alpbach/Inneralpbach

Ascent from the parking spot at the Luegergraben via the bridge and on the west side of the water stream, on the forest trail to the free areas below the Kolbental alpine hut. Turn slightly right, via beautiful meadows onto the ridge, which can be reached after approx. 1.800 metres. The trail leads towards the south from now on, along the ridge up to the steep northwest flank of the Großer Galtenberg mountain. If you still have enough energy: most of the time, the snow conditions do not allow to ascent right up to the peak. From the ski depot (a large, recognisable stone block) on approx. 2000 metres you can make the last 400 metres on foot - this is by far the safest way to ascent the mountain.