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Explore the Tyrolean mountain world with your mountainbike. Here, you will find numerous different routes with different levels of difficulty. Mountainbiking can be enjoyed by the entire family!

Maybe you have already heard of the "Bikeschaukel"? No? Then it's about time! two stations of it lead right through the beautiful Alpbach valley lake region. With the help of the cable car services you can visit one mountain after another - about half of the trail can be enjoyed by cable car rides.

Of course I am happy to help when it comes to your route planning on site.

The most famous mountainbike routes:

Alpbach-Oberer Höhenweg - Inneralpbach-Alpbach

At the village centre at the church turn right and follow the street - go past the congress centre - turn right at the bridge and ascent from there; here a sensational view awaits you! Follow the street, go past the guest houses Roßmoss and Wurmhof, via a short gravel road, then descent to the Buben chapel. There, turn right towards Inneralpbach; stay on the Alpbach forest road which leads out of the valley until you reach the signpost "Feilmoos", turn right there and ascent the steep street to the village centre.

Alternatively, you can extend your bike trip from Inneralpbach via the area Neader. (prepare for a short passage where to push the bike!). To do so, turn left after the Festhütte, ascent, past the beautiful farms when cycling out of the valley right up to the Kolberhof, then descent to the Alpbach federal road, cycle a short passage into the valley again until you reach the Lagerhaus, turn left and follow the street, ascent to your starting point.

From Inneralpbach onwards you can choose from an additional, variing route for your return trip (prepare for a short passage where to push the bike!). Turn right after the bridge and ascent, past the primary school and out of the valley via the middle altitude trail.

Highest point: 1268 m
Starting point: Tourism Office Alpbach, Alpbach
Finish: Tourism Office Alpbach, Alpbach

MTB-Route 307 Inneralpbach - Hornboden

Starting at the parking lot Inneralpbach, go past the 2 hotels (Wiedersbergerhornhaus and Galtenberg), and on to the Greiter ditch. Past the bus turning round area, turn right there, go via the bridge and along the road into the valley. From the parking spot Leitner onwards, the forest road begins. At the beginning there is an easy ascent until you reach the Aueralm, turn right there and follow the rather steep ascen for approx. 200 metres. After that, several turns take you up to the Moserbaumgartenalm, the road goes right through the two alpine huts. The forest road goes past the Wiedersbergalm. After that prepare for your last ascent to the mountain restaurant Hornboden or the mountain station Wiedersbergerhornbahn.

Return Route:
The descent leads you via the same route towards Inneralpbach.

Descent via mountainbike route #320 Hornboden to Reith and from there to Alpbach (prepare for a trip of about 10 km and another 500 metres in altitude from Reith onwards).

Highest point: 1842 m
Starting point: Inneralpbach
Finish: Mountain station Wiedersbergerhorn